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Un tour de la planéte d'Est en Ouest en passant par les deux hémisphéres à la rencontre de la nature,des gens et du neuf....

France, Canada, United States, New Zealand, Australia, Malaysia, Singapore, Sri Lanka, India, Nepal (+ 1)

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I am taking 6 months off to travel around the world. I had to choose which places I want to visit and I decided to go to Ne...

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Ich bin mal wieder dabei meine Travelmap zu starten und habe noch ein paar Fotos von Neuseeland und meinem Urlaub in Sri La...

Germany, New Zealand, Qatar, China, Sri Lanka, Thailand, Australia

Europe Oceania Asia

28 septembre 2015 - 28 mai 2016 (8 mois - 3700km) Première étape de mon tour du monde à vélo et premier PVT. Très monta...

New Zealand


The third continent crossing is North America. Starting from Seattle, I will follow a route oscillating between the US and...

New Zealand, United States, Canada, Chile

Oceania North America South America

The next stage will be a run across New Zealand from South to North. Similarly to the Malay Peninsula portion, this part of...

Australia, New Zealand, United States

Oceania North America

On sabbatical from 07/19 to 07/20. One year of summer Stops: Benin Kenia Tansania Dubai Malediven Sri Lanka Malaysi...

Germany, Belgium, Benin, Cameroon, Kenya, Tanzania, United Arab Emirates, Maldives, Sri Lanka, Malaysia (+ 4)

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