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Free for basic features. Stop paying when you don't travel.


Basic features for occasional travelers

0 € forever
  • Your own domain
  • Unlimited maps, spots, posts
  • 100 photos max.
  • Straight lines only
  • Private blog
  • No ads

Advanced features for more precision and content

30 € for 1 year
  • Trace custom lines or lines following the roads - instead of straight lines.

    Calculate and display distances between your spots.

  • 3 000 photos / year
  • Attach YouTube or Vimeo videos to your spots.
  • Free spots can be used to trace parallel itineraries without having to create a return spot.
    Their line can also be hidden to highlight a place visited during the day.
  • See how many people visit your blog every day

    Screenshot of the visit stats of a TravelMap blog
Premium Plus

All the features unlocked for travelers

90 € for 1 year
  • Here are some examples:

    TravelMap map style examples: satellite, outdoors, ocean, geography, etc.
  • Unlimited photos
  • Live Tracking
  • Import GPS files
  • Display a map of all your trips (see example here)
  • Alert your visitors about new updates

Specialized features for professional needs

300 € for 1 year
  • White-label: hide the TravelMap logo OR Live Tracking Race map
  • Organize your trips within folders.
  • Use one of your domain names or subdomain to display your TravelMap blog.

    Important: right now you can view your maps on a custom domain but you'll still need to access your TravelMap administration from our domain.

  • Personalize the public interface of your blog to hide the map header, menu, share buttons, contact page and/or the list of spots.

    Choose a custom font from Google Fonts.

Each tier includes all the features of the lower tiers
One-off payments: pay when you need it

When your Premium subscription ends, your TravelMap will just switch back to the Free version.

All the data and content you uploaded will stay online. Nothing will be deleted.

If you need to use the Premium features, simply subscribe again.

Why pay for these features while other services offer them for free?

You've probably heard: when a product is free, then you are the product.

We don't run ads nor sell your data. Respecting your privacy is one of our values. That's why you pay fairly for the storage and software you use.

TravelMap Sponsorship

We want to inspire and encourage sustainable and meaningful travel. That's why we give Premium accounts or discounts to people who share our vision.

Do you have a project that:

  • Has a non-profit mission to educate, inspire and improve people's lives
  • Respects the environment by using slow transport modes like cycling, hiking, sailing, etc.
  • Seeks to reduce waste, stay close to local cultures and communities.
  • Is part of an established association or linked to a charity

We only ask in return that we can share your blog with our community (on our Facebook page and our blog) to inspire others to do the same.

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