Data Privacy

As a TravelMap user, you own your data, including itineraries, locations, photos, texts, etc. We do not use your photos for marketing purposes unless we have an agreement with you.

By default, your blog is listed in the community section of the TravelMap website. You have the option to unlist it in your administration (Settings > Privacy): either by making your blog private, or selecting to remove your blog from the listing.

TravelMap and our suppliers respect and operate in accordance with the General Data Protection Regulation 2016/679 (GDPR).

We do not sell your data, such as behaviors or locations, to any third-party businesses or advertisers.
Unlike other free platforms that collect and sell your data to advertisers, TravelMap operates as a business using a premium model. We only make money from paid accounts and printing books.

TravelMap is not responsible if the content of your public blog is stolen by third parties. It is also not possible for us to prevent this. Therefore we ask visitors of TravelMap blogs to please respect the owners. Do not use their content without permission.

Data Storage

At TravelMap, we use OVH, a French company with global infrastructure, to host our server and store our data.

Our server is located in Gravelines, France.

Email Marketing

We do not send out marketing emails.

TravelMap users only receive transactional emails such as registration confirmation, password reset, Premium account status notifications, etc.

Search engine indexing

Like other websites and online content, your TravelMap blog is indexed by search engines such as Google, Bing or DuckDuckGo, unless the blog is made private or you manually disable it in your administration (Settings > Privacy).

If you disable it after the blog has already been indexed, it might take a while for your blog and its content to completely disappear from search engine results. It also works the same way around: a newly created blog will take some time to be visible in search engine results. There is nothing TravelMap can do to speed up this process.


If you have any questions regarding your data privacy, do not hesitate to contact us.