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Live Tracking

Sync your map with your GPS device

While most travelers use the TravelMap administration to manually add spots or import GPS files, you can update your map automatically by synchronizing it with a GPS device.
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Your itinerary traced in real time

  • Set it up once, then forget about it
  • Share it with a simple link or embed it on your website
  • Personalize your map style
  • Tracks are split by day to help visualize your progress easily
  • Attach photos, videos and articles to your spots
Screenshot of a TravelMap updated in real time with OsmAnd Online Tracking (Android)

Example of a map updated in real time with OsmAnd (Android)

Simple pricing

  • Requires having a Premium Plus account during the trip
  • Then stop paying and keep your map online
  • No set up cost
  • Easily manage the tracking from your administration
  • Up to 2 active trackings at the same time
  • Export your data at any time
Screenshot of the Live Tracking settings inside the TravelMap administration

Live Tracking works with 3 different types of GPS devices:

Modern GPS devices

(Garmin Edge, Suunto, smartwatches, etc.)

They're not directly connected to the internet. They record your tracks on the device, then allow you to upload them online (usually via Bluetooth) once you end the recording.

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Satellite GPS trackers

(Garmin inReach, SPOT Gen4, etc.)

They can share your coordinates online in real time. They're usually more expensive but well adapted to use in remote areas like oceans or deserts.

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Smartphone apps

(TravelMap, OsmAnd, etc.)

They can both record and share your position in real time. These apps are free but consume battery and require an internet connection (3G/4G/5G).

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Synchronize your GPS device

Most modern GPS devices can automatically upload the recorded tracks to these apps:

You can authorize these apps to share your activities with TravelMap to automatically update your map.

Note: your map will be updated every time you end the recording. Which usually happens once a day, so not in real time.

Screenshot of a TravelMap synchronized with Strava

Example of a map synchronized with Strava

Synchronize your satellite GPS tracker

For expeditions in remote areas (oceans, deserts, etc.). Compatible with:

Screenshot of a TravelMap updated in real time with a Garmin inReach

Example of a map updated in real time with a Garmin inReach

Smartphone tracking

The cheaper option when you don't have a dedicated GPS device. Compatible with:

Screenshot of a TravelMap updated in real time with Wayward (iOS)

Example of a map updated in real time with Wayward (iOS)

Want to follow multiple participants at the same time?

Race map

Display the itineraries of several participants on the same map.

You can create all these Live Tracking maps on your account, or use those of other TravelMap accounts so the participants can update their own blogs to add photos, articles, etc.

Requires having a Business account to track up to 20 participants. Contact us for a quote if you plan to have more participants.

Screenshot of a TravelMap race map updated in real time with OsmAnd and SPOT devices

Example of a race map synchronized with OsmAnd and SPOT devices

Clément Mas, founder of TravelMap

Made by Clément Mas, an adventurer himself who cycled around Australia and rowed across the Atlantic ocean.

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