TravelMap Live Tracking

Maps for Expeditions

Real time tracking and update from the world's most remote places

  • Map updated in real time*
  • Link photos and texts to your maps via email
  • Embed on your website
  • Advanced mapping technology
  • Modern & customisable design
  • Data stored forever
  • Import & export data

* Requires a compatible GPS tracker

  • Ideal solution for remote and long-distance expeditions like ocean rowing, paddling, sailing, cycling, mountain climbing and desert trekking, etc.
  • A simple pricing. No setup fee
  • Followers at home love it!

Supported GPS trackers

  • SPOT (SPOT Gen3)
  • Iridium GO
  • Garmin (InReach, eTrex)
  • YB Tracking

If you have a different GPS tracker, let us know and we'll tell you if we can synchronise it with your map

Made by an adventurer for adventurers

TravelMap is built by Clément Mas - an adventurer himself who combines his background as a software engineer with experience rowing across the Atlantic Ocean, cycling around Australia and climbing Mount Kilimanjaro - to help other adventurers make the most out of their expeditions.

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