How can I create my travel blog?

Go to the register page and fill in the form; you just have to choose a username, a password, enter your email and you're done!
It should't take more than 20 seconds. It's just that easy to create a dedicated website for your trip.

Is TravelMap free?

Yes. You can use all the main features of TravelMap for free (create itineraries, upload photos, publish posts, ...).
However, if you need more resources, you can upgrade your free account to a Premium account.

Who can see my blog?

By default, all the TravelMap blogs are visible on the Community page.
However, you can choose to hide your blog from this list and protect your blog with a password (Premium account required).

Want to know more about the Premium account?

Go to the page Premium FAQ.

If you have any question that is not answered here, you can contact Clément, the founder of TravelMap.