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I love beer and travelling. The best way to combine the two is by bicycle. I will weave in and out around the world and sam...

Allemagne, Pays-Bas, Belgique, Luxembourg, Autriche, Slovaquie, Hongrie, Serbie, Roumanie, Turquie (+ 4)

Europe Asie

An 11 month, 20,000 mile circumnavigation of the globe by bike, from September 2018 to August 2019 raising money for the In...

Royaume-Uni, France, Espagne, Portugal, États-Unis, Canada, Nouvelle-Zélande, Australie, Indonésie, Singapour (+ 23)

Europe Amérique du Nord Océanie Asie

After my travels around Asia and New Zealand, it's now time for me to go back home. But since I REALLY enjoy making things...

Iran, Arménie, Géorgie, Turquie


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