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Starting in January and finishing in November. Spanning 3 continents, 2 many new friends, and 1 old motorhome. À partir...

Australia, Japan, Russia, France, Andorra, Portugal, Spain, Belgium, Germany, Czech Republic (+ 6)

Oceania Asia Europe Africa

Seattle, Vancouver, Whistler, "Canadaian Rockies", Calgary, Chicago, Washington...

Poland, Germany, United States, Canada, United Kingdom

Europe North America

C est partie pour un tour de l Angleterre et plus particulièrement de l Écosse au départ de Paris en voiture

France, United Kingdom


In 1987 I undertook a journey with a friend between my hometown of Slough in England to Sydney in Australia. It turned out...

United Kingdom, France


19 days along the Pamir Highway and through three of the Stands with Explore! Travel. Travelling through Tajikistan, Kyrgyz...

United Kingdom, Tajikistan, Kyrgyzstan, Kazakhstan

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