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Describe your trip: what are the plans, places you want to go, how did the idea of the trip come to your mind. This descri...

Viêt Nam, Autriche, Russie, Émirats arabes unis

Asie Europe

Starting in January and finishing in November. Spanning 3 continents, 2 many new friends, and 1 old motorhome. À partir...

Australie, Japon, Russie, France, Andorre, Portugal, Espagne, Belgique, Allemagne, République tchèque (+ 6)

Océanie Asie Europe Afrique

Hi. My name is Ian Finlay, 52 from the UK. I'm cycling around the world on a two year adventure, following the sun wherever...

Slovénie, Russie, Égypte, Royaume-Uni, Pays-Bas, Belgique, Luxembourg, Allemagne, France, Suisse (+ 28)

Europe Afrique Asie Océanie Amérique du Nord

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