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Les aventures du possible autour du monde continuent en solo :) - Apprentissage dans l'agriculture traditionnelle - Trekk...

Martinique, Bolivia, Guadeloupe, United States, Mexico, Guatemala, El Salvador, Costa Rica, Panama, Colombia (+ 3)

North America South America

This trip is in conjunction with a multi-media journalism project to understand the values of the people in the Crown of th...

United States, Canada

North America

We're cruising the Ohio, Cumberland, Tennessee (and maybe other) rivers.

United States

North America

We will drive from Florence, AL to Alex.Bay, NY mid-May to begin the 2nd half of our Loop, cruising across the Great Lakes...

United States

North America

Cycling from Palm Springs to San Francisco

United States

North America

First leg of our Loop, starting March 1, 2020, from Florence, AL, counterclockwise to the Gulf, then up the AICW to NYS.

United States

North America

Bon, y a plus de 'traversée' qui tient puisque nos plans on été remis à jours depuis l'année dernière. Par contre, on reste...


North America

After some discussion, we have decided to travel to New Zealand

Canada, New Zealand

North America Oceania

Du 25 Décembre 2017 au 20 Janvier 2018 GUADELOUPE, LES SAINTES, MARIE GALANTE, LA DOMINIQUE, LA MARTINIQUE Au travers d...

France, Guadeloupe, Dominica, Martinique

Europe North America

The Plan? Explore Civil RIghts and Natural Wonders across the southern USA, turning north in the Spring to see charismatic...

United States

North America

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