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Après la rénovation de l'appartement, nous avions besoin d'un nouveau défi. Ce voyage en Europe avec LuCa va nous permettr...

France, Italy, Austria, Slovenia, Croatia, Slovakia, Poland, Denmark, Germany, Netherlands (+ 1)


4 Weeks flying, boating, busing and training through central Europe, England and Scotland.

Australia, China, Finland, Hungary, Slovakia, Austria, Czech Republic, Germany, Netherlands, Jersey (+ 2)

Oceania Asia Europe North America

Une camionnette blanche, trente six kilomètres heure en moyenne de croisière et du temps, beaucoup de temps...

France, Italy, Slovenia, Croatia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Montenegro, Albania, Greece, Turkey, Georgia (+ 14)

Europe Asia

Quit my job to travel the world. Begin March 2017 until unknown. Looking to explore the world and experience different cu...

United States, Netherlands, Belgium, Germany, Italy, France, Spain, Switzerland, Austria, Slovenia (+ 10)

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