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Il y a 7 ans, peu après notre rencontre, nous évoquions déjà le Canada. Nous avons mis du temps à franchir le pas, mais cet...

France, Canada

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What I am going to do tonight. The same as every night. Try to conquer the world! (Or at least to discover it) The 1st...

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It has been a long time dream of ours to someday do the Great Loop (,

United States, Canada

North America

Barbara and I are out to travel the Great Loop, a circumnavigation by water of the eastern half of the US.

United States, Canada

North America

Cette fois c’est le Mexique 🇲🇽 Après la Nouvelle Zélande, je renouvelle cette expérience de vie incroyable qu'est le vo...

Mexico, Guatemala, Colombia, Canada

North America South America

Here you can find a map of my journey so far. Click on the link and it'll take you to a nice map. I have been researchin...

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