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Live Tracking guides

Synchronize your TravelMap with a GPS device to update it automatically (requires having a Premium Plus account).


Set up guides

Modern GPS devices:

Smartphone apps:

Satellite GPS trackers:

Managing the Live Tracking

  • Managing the Live Tracking (pause, change map, etc.)*
  • How does the Live Tracking actually work?*
  • Changing the transport mode used to add new spots*


  • Can I have several active Live Tracking at the same time?* (yes)
  • Can I still manually edit my map?* (yes...)
  • How often does the map update?* (depends on the type of GPS)
  • Do you support [X] GPS device?*
  • Can I synchronize my smartwatch GPS?*

* Guides coming soon

I'm currently working on the documentation

Meanwhile, don't hesitate to contact me if you have questions.