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Live Tracking with Strava

Automatically import your Strava activities on TravelMap (requires having a Premium Plus account). Compatible with free Strava accounts.


1. Connect your Strava account

Connect your Strava account to TravelMap to import your activities on a global interactive map

2. Authorize TravelMap to access your Strava activities

  • Once you've been redirected, login to your Strava account
  • Check the box "View data about your activities"
  • Optionally: check the box "View data about your private activities" if you want to also import the activites saved with the visibility set to "Only you"
  • Click on "Authorize"
  • You should see a success message "Strava account connected"
Allow sharing your Strava activities to TravelMap

3. Create a new Live Tracking

  • Go to: Settings > Live Tracking > New
  • GPS tracking device: select "Strava"
  • Select the map you want to update
  • Click on "Create"
Enable the TravelMap Live Tracking to automatically import Strava activities

That's it! Now whenever you save a new activity on Strava, it will be imported on TravelMap automatically.

You can use the Live Tracking settings to pause the synchronization or choose another map.

Note: you can also choose to import your Strava activities manually from your admin map (click on the settings icon, "Import GPS track", "Import a Strava activity").

Any issues, questions?