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Connect your Iridium GO tracking

Synchronize a TravelMap with your Iridium GO device (requires having a Premium Plus account).

Contact TravelMap

You'll first need to contact me to receive a dedicated tracking email address.

Iridium GO setup

If this is the fist time you're using your Iridium GO device, you'll need to follow these instructions:

This guide will walk you through pairing your Iridium GO device with your smartphone using the Iridium GO! application.

GPS accuracy

Your Iridium GO device needs to have an open access to the sky to get a good signal.

The GPS chip is located inside the Iridium GO device. So external antennas can boost the connection to send data faster but it does not improve the GPS accuracy.

Poor signal can result in position updates that are a few kilometers away from your real position.

You can check the strength of the GPS signal from the Track page of the Iridium GO! application. Make sure GPS State is set to Fix and you're connected to several satellites.

GPS tracking setup

  • Start your Iridium GO device
  • Open the Iridium GO! application
  • Login (default credentials are guest for username and password)
  • Select Settings
  • Select Track
  • Select Tracking Frequency then select an interval (note: each track sent out is charged as an SMS)
  • Select Tracking Recipient and enter the tracking email address you received after contacting us
  • Save the changes when finished

The Iridium GO device will now begin tracking even if the Iridium GO! application or smartphone is turned off.

Iridium GO app tracking settings

Pausing the tracking

Tracking can be disabled/paused by performing the same setup steps and selecting No update under the Tracking Frequency menu.

Turning off the Iridium GO device will also pause the tracking.

Quick GPS (optional)

You can enter your tracking email address in the "Quick GPS recipients" list. This will allow you to manually send tracking points from the "Iridium GO!" application by tapping on the "Quick GPS" button.

This can be useful for ensuring your final location is recorded before turning the Iridium GO device off.

Writing articles

You can also send emails to the email address you received. They'll be added as posts attached to your latest spot. The email subject will be used as the post title and the email text content as the article content.

Attaching files and photos is not yet supported.

  I'm currently working on a complete documentation section with tutorial for each feature.

Meanwhile, don't hesitate to contact me if you have questions or suggestions.