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Live Tracking with OsmAnd

Synchronize your TravelMap with the OsmAnd app on smartphone (requires having a Premium Plus account and a 3G/4G/5G plan).


Install the OsmAnd app on the Play Store, then follow the instructions below to connect it to TravelMap:

Note: the OsmAnd application is also available on iOS but it doesn't have the "Online tracking" feature necessary for the Live Tracking.

1. Create a new Live Tracking

  • Open your TravelMap administration
  • Go to: Settings > Live Tracking > New
  • GPS tracking device: select "OsmAnd"
  • Select the map you want to update
  • Click on "Create"
Enable the TravelMap Live Tracking to synchronize your OsmAnd tracking

2. Copy the tracking link

Enable the TravelMap Live Tracking to synchronize your OsmAnd tracking
OsmAnd menu

3. Open the menu of the OsmAnd app and select Plugins

OsmAnd plugins

4. Open the Trip recording plugin

OsmAnd trip recording

5. Turn on the plugin (tap on Off) and open the Settings

OsmAnd online tracking

6. Activate the option Online tracking

Then tap on the name Online tracking

OsmAnd online tracking web address

7. Select the option Web address and paste the link from step 2

OsmAnd online tracking interval

8. Important: edit the option Tracking interval to choose 5 min.

OsmAnd record GPX

1. Before you start moving, tap on the button GPX (or REC)

OsmAnd start GPX tracking

2. Set the Logging interval to 5 min. and tap on OK to start the tracking

OsmAnd GPX tracking activated

3. The green indicator next to the GPX button lets you know that the recording is active

OsmAnd stop GPX tracking

4. Once you stop moving, press the button GPX and select Pause the tracking

That's it! Now your TravelMap will be updated automatically to stay in sync with your OsmAnd tracking.

You can use the Live Tracking settings to pause the synchronization or choose another map.

Any issues, questions?