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Live Tracking Garmin inReach

Synchronize your TravelMap with a Garmin inReach device (requires having a Premium Plus account).


You need to have a Garmin inReach device or a Garmin device compatible with the "inReach Satellite Technology" to update your map in real time.

Otherwise, you can use the Live Tracking with Strava to automatically import your daily activities.

1. Follow the Garmin instructions to enable MapShare from your Garmin account.

Enable Garmin MapShare to use the TravelMap Live Tracking

2. Copy your MapShare username.

Copy your Garmin MapShare username

3. Create a new Live Tracking

  • Open your TravelMap administration
  • Go to: Settings > Live Tracking > New
  • GPS tracking device: select "Garmin inReach"
  • Select the map you want to update
  • Enter your Garmin MapShare username
  • Optional: enter your Garmin MapShare password if you created one
  • Click on "Create"
Enable the TravelMap Live Tracking to synchronize your Garmin inReach GPS device

That's it! Now your TravelMap will be updated automatically to stay in sync with your Garmin inReach device.

You can use the Live Tracking settings to pause the synchronization or choose another map.

Tip. Messages sent from your Garmin inReach with the "Location enabled" option will be attached to your map's latest spot.

Check out the Garmin website for more information.

Enable Garmin MapShare to use the TravelMap Live Tracking

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