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Gorilla and Golden monkey trekking 3 days igambi-benard FR

This short 3 days safari to northern Rwanda offers the opportunity to engage with the endangered mountain gorillas and Go...

Chimpanzee & Gorilla safari – 4 days igambi-benard FR

Gorilla safari in Rwanda 4 Day from Primate Safaris involves a cultural tour in Kigali city – Gisozi Genocide Memorial Site...

Akagera national park 4 days igambi-benard FR

A 4-day itinerary for Akagera National Park in Rwanda can offer a comprehensive experience of the park’s wildlife, landscap...

Rwanda Cultural tour – 6 Days igambi-benard FR

Your 6-day Rwanda cultural tour itinerary looks well-rounded, combining gorilla trekking with cultural experiences and visi...

Primate apes safari in Rwanda 8 days igambi-benard FR

This Safari involves a cultural tour in Kigali city – Gisozi Genocide Memorial Site; and gorilla trekking expedition in Vol...

Rwanda DRC Virunga Gorillas & Nyiragongo trekking igambi-benard FR

A 9-day itinerary that includes gorilla trekking in Virunga National Park (DRC) and trekking to the Nyiragongo volcano prom...

Wildlife and Gorilla tour 9 days igambi-benard FR

A 9-day wildlife and gorilla tour offers a focused and exciting adventure, combining the thrill of wildlife encounters with...

Primate, wildlife & culture 12 days igambi-benard FR

A 12-day safari that incorporates primate watching, wildlife encounters, and cultural experiences can provide a well-rounde...

Hiking and primate watch 14 days Safari igambi-benard FR

A 14-day safari that combines hiking and primate watching sounds like an incredible adventure! Depending on your preference...