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So we thought we attempt to do a road trip around Spain with three kids before Shae starts school..... mmm let’s see how it...

Espagne, Gibraltar, Portugal


Rejs wokół Gibraltaru: Hiszpania, Portugalia, Maroko 29.08-08-09.2020

Pologne, Espagne, Gibraltar, Royaume-Uni


Course follows travelling on the water. Other pins are places that I’ve seen and spent a few days in.

Royaume-Uni, France, Croatie, Malte, Italie, Grèce, Gibraltar, Espagne, États-Unis, Bahamas (+ 2)

Europe Amérique du Nord

I haven't worked as a travel agent; I was the traveler. I can book trips, be concierge, and give first-hand knowledge of pl...

États-Unis, Royaume-Uni, Irlande, Ukraine, Lettonie, Turquie, Corée du Sud, Chine, Islande, Allemagne (+ 42)

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