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The third continent crossing is North America. Starting from Seattle, I will follow a route oscillating between the US and...

New Zealand, United States, Canada, Chile

Oceania North America South America

Driving my new (to me) van from the west tip of the Canadian Coast on Vancouver Island to the east tip of the Eastern Coast...


North America

Hi, we are Jo and Lo! We’re a European couple based in Spain, both artists, but now travelling around in our van! We've sta...

Canada, United States, Mexico, Cuba, Belize, Guatemala, El Salvador, Nicaragua, Costa Rica

North America

Voyage en cargo au départ d'Halifax, visite de Liverpool et Hambourg, et destination finale à Anvers

Canada, United Kingdom, Germany, Belgium

North America Europe

Avec Nil, nous réalisons un tour du monde éco-responsable : à vélo sur les continents et à la voile sur les océans. With...

Spain, Cape Verde, Martinique, United States, Canada, China, Mongolia, Kazakhstan, Ukraine, France

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