I'm looking for a web developer to help me build and maintain TravelMap - a blogging platform that allows you to create a travel blog centered on an interactive map.

I launched the platform in 2014 as a side-project. 2 years later, I switched to working full-time on it and hired Clara who's taking care of Marketing and Communications (in English). As TravelMap keeps growing, I need a web developer I can rely on to share the development responsibilities.

So it's a very small team and it will be a long-term mission with a lot of room for autonomy and innovativeness.

We'll be working on-site for the first month in a co-working space in Saint-Etienne or Lyon. Then you'll be able to work remotely in your own time, within an EU timezone, with occasional in-person meetings.

You can take any time off if you need to go travelling or else as long as you give us some notice in advance.

Starting as soon as possible. If you can read this, then the job is still available.

Requirements: Full-stack knowledge (back-end, database, front-end, UX, server)

  • PHP 8, MySQL, Laravel, PHPUnit
  • JavaScript (ES6), Vanilla, Vue.js
  • Experience building UX/UI interfaces
  • Git collaboration (branch, PR)
  • Fluent English
  • Being a traveller yourself and have a TravelMap account (send us the link)

Nice to have:

  • Mapbox GL JS, GPX/KML/GeoJSON formats, GIS knowledge
  • Managing Linux web server, SSH, nginx
  • Cloud Object Storage (S3)
  • Experience working with startups

Example of tasks:

  • Rebuilding/refreshing the presentation site travelmap.net (mostly HTML/CSS). Including the Community section (PHP/MySQL/PHPUnit)
  • Improving the book generation process and adding customization options
  • Helping to build the new beta admin to manage maps, spots, photos, videos, articles, settings, payments (Stripe), etc.
  • Improving the GPX and KML file imports/exports
  • Fixing JS, PHP or CSS bugs
  • Meetings to discuss new features, UX, design, etc.

Send an email to Clement (in English): clem [] travelmap dot net and tell us why you are a good fit for this job. Please include a CV (can be in English or French).

The next step will be an interview in French, preferably in-person in Saint-Etienne or Lyon. We're looking forward to hearing from you.