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Everything a traveller needs

TravelMap aims to simplify the life of travellers and their followers

Travel Blog with Interactive Map

Instantly show on the homepage where you are, where you've been, places and countries you are about to visit. Use TravelMap to plan your itinerary and map your future route.

Enrich your Travel Blog with Photos and Videos

Share the visuals of your amazing trips and link photo albums to different spots on the map. Because words cannot describe the most beautiful sunset you've ever seen.

Keep a travel journal

So you won't forget that one time you got stuck on an island with no ferry back and had to swim for 2 km to get to mainland.. Or in case you discover a new continent!

Managing your Travel Blog could not be any easier

Because a traveller has better things to do

Simple Admin

Clear and intuitive design.
No technical knowledge required.

Geolocation in One Click

Pin a new spot on your Map and update your itinerary easily.

New: update your position offline using satellite GPS tracking.

Content Management Simplified

Add your content from any device: your computer, smartphone or tablet.

And many more features to come thanks to your feedback

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