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Free Spots now available

November 13, 2016

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I'm happy to announce that Free Spots are now available on TravelMap.

What are Free Spots?

As the name suggests, "Free spots" are simple markers that can be added on the map with or without any link to the itinerary.

They aim to keep the map readable by not having to always link all the spots together.

For example, you can use Free Spots if you stop in a city for a while and you want to show where you have been without having to create an itinerary for each place you visited.

What do they look like?

Here are some examples of TravelMap users already using Free Spots:

Unlike regular itinerary Spots, Free Spots display a popup when you move your mouse over the marker.


How can I add Free Spots?

In your Administration, on the Map page, you'll see a tab 'Free Spots'.

Right now there is a link to manage your Free Spots on an external page but I plan to integrate them directly on the Map page.

EDIT June 2020: you can now select any spot on your map and click on the button "Attach" > "Free Spot"


Who can add Free Spots?

Managing Free Spots requires a Premium account

Once your Premium account expires, all your previous Free Spots remain visible but you can't add new ones.


Do not hesitate to send us your feedback using the contact page or leaving a comment below.