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Do more with the new TravelMap Premium Plus

August 18, 2017

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After months of development and extensive exchanges with users, we are happy to announce the Premium Plus offer that enables users to do more with their TravelMap blog.

Here are some cool things you will benefit from having a Premium Plus account:

Unlimited Photos

While there's a photo limit for both Premium and Free accounts (3 000 and 100 respectively), users with a Yearly Premium Plus subscription can have unlimited photo storage. If you choose to pay monthly for Premium Plus, you can upload up to 1 000 photos every month.

Note: When your Premium Plus account expires, all your existing photos are still available, but you won't be able to add new ones.

  • Unlimited photo storage for Premium Plus yearly
  • 1 000 photos per month for Premium Plus monthly

Bigger Photos

At the moment, the maximum size of photos that you can upload to your TravelMap blog is 6MB. However, Premium Plus users will be able to upload photos that are as big as 12MB.

  • Photo size: up to 12 MB

Customise Your Blog

You can now pick the main color of your TravelMap blog theme to make it more personal. And you can change your map style if you don't feel like using the default one.

-- TravelMap Custom Theme

  • Custom blog theme colors (header, active menu item, links)
  • Custom map styles

Global Map

You can display a map including all your trips (see example here: You can also set it as the homepage for your blog.

-- TravelMap Global Map example

  • A map of all trips

Import GPS files

With a Premium Plus account, users can import GPS data from GPX, KML or CSV files to their map.

-- Import a GPS file

  • Import GPS data (.GPX, .KML or .CSV files) to your map

Live Tracking

As a Premium Plus user, you will be able to synchronise your blog with a third-party GPS tracker. Your map will be updated in real-time even when you are offline, travelling on the road.

-- Compatible GPS trackers

Check the list of supported third-party GPS trackers here.

  • Synchronise a TravelMap blog with a GPS tracker

Advanced Visitors Stats

Once you subscribe to TravelMap Premium Plus, you can see where your visitors come from.

-- Visitors' stats & location

  • Track the location (country, city) of blog visitors

A Premium Plus subscription also offers these extra features:

  • Upload photos directly from Dropbox

-- Upload a photo from Dropbox

  • Slideshow on the blog's photo gallery (Play/Pause)

---- /!\ EDIT: feature disabled /!\

-- Slideshow Button

  • Photos geotagging: photos with GPS (exif) data can be displayed on the map

---- /!\ EDIT: feature disabled /!\

-- Photos Geotagging

We are super excited about the new Premium Plus offer. If you are too, go and try it out now!

Note: If you are in the middle of your yearly Premium plan, and you want to upgrade straight away, email us directly, and we can work out some discount for your new subscription.

Xavier  • 
Hi, question. I’m considering the premium plus option, but would like to know if, when I stop the premium plus (after my trip for instance), what happen with the content ? (pictures quality decrease ? video disapears ? ) thanks, xavier

clem  • 
Hi Xavier, When your Premium Plus account expires, all your content will stay online. No data is deleted nor altered. You can read more about it in our FAQ: “What happens when my paid account expires?” -