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For past, present and future trips. Attach photos, videos and articles to your map. Share it with a simple link.

A modern travel blog centered on a map

Easy for you to manage. Easy for your family and friends to follow.

Your own website

Create a free account to store all your maps.

Share the link with anyone you want. They don't need an account to follow you.

You can protect your blog with a password to make it private.

Screenshot of a the list of maps on my TravelMap blog

A map on your homepage

The best way for visitors to visualize your trip is the itinerary, show them:

  • where you are
  • where you've been
  • where you're going
  • the transport modes you used
Screenshot of an itinerary on the homepage of a TravelMap blog

Content comes next

Once you added your spots, you can attach content to them:

  • Photos
  • Videos
  • Posts
  • Links
Screenshot of a list of map locations where photos, posts and links are attached

Personalized maps

Use the map editor to add your points, trace your lines or import GPS files.

Choose the map style, the marker icons and the line colors (defined by your transport modes).

No technical knowledge required.

Screenshot of a custom themed map in the advanced editor interface

Works on any device

Most travelers update their blogs on their smartphone or tablet.

You don't need to install any app. Just open the link to your blog or administration.

Automatic / real-time updates

You can synchronize compatible smartphone tracking apps with your map to update it automatically.

For remote adventures across oceans or deserts, you can synchronize satellite GPS trackers.

View Live Tracking
Screenshot of a TravelMap using Live Tracking including logos of Strava, OsmAnd, SPOT and Garmin

Embed your map

If you already have a website, you can embed your map on any page.

Compatible with WordPress, Wix, Squarespace, etc.

Screenshot of a TravelMap embedded on another website

Print a photo book

Generate a travel book in one click from the content you already have to keep a tangible souvenir.

You can also download the PDF version to keep a digital copy.

View TravelMap books
Photo of a book printed in one click from a TravelMap blog

Free for basic features, pay for extra

I don't display ads nor sell your data. So advanced features require a Premium account to keep TravelMap viable.

Stop paying when you don't travel. Keep all your content.

Ideal for long distance trips

Used by 200 000 travelers. Find inspiration from existing itineraries.

Clément Mas, founder of TravelMap

Built by Clément Mas. Solo-founder who cycled around Australia and rowed across the Atlantic ocean. Also a web developer.

Striving for a simple, clean and clear interface

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