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In January 2019 I am rowing 3000 miles across the Atlantic Ocean solo and unsupported to raise awareness about plastics pol...

Barbade, Espagne

Amérique du Nord Europe

Mr H R Gaikwad is travelling to US from 21 Dec 2018 to 2 Jan 2019.

États-Unis, Inde

Amérique du Nord Asie

4 weeks of Bavaria touring, Octoberfest, Rhône river cruise and tour of Amsterdam and its surroundings.

États-Unis, Allemagne, Autriche, Suisse

Amérique du Nord Europe

Father Daughter trip to Village in Roumeli, Zakinthos, Cephalonia, Aegina and Athens

États-Unis, Allemagne, Grèce

Amérique du Nord Europe

Riding our Dr650s from Fort Mcmurray, Alberta to South East Asia. 12 months of #adventure650 ...follow us. "It's always now...

Canada, France, Espagne, Italie

Amérique du Nord Europe

Taking it to the next level... pre and post trips, wonderful people, beautiful weather

États-Unis, Danemark, Pologne, Suède, Lettonie, Estonie, Russie

Amérique du Nord Europe

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