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We purchased Sea Glass with the intention to do The Great Loop. We are calling this travel log Sea Glass Cruising because...


Amérique du Nord

Instagram: dust.inthewind - Travelling Asia on a voyage of exploration and self-discovery found in the mysteries of foreign...

Canada, Chine, Thaïlande, Laos, Myanmar (Birmanie), Malaisie, Singapour, Japon

Amérique du Nord Asie

This year is not so “planned”. Trying to be a bit more spontaneous, but have a few things in mind. Let’s see where life t...

États-Unis, Panama, Costa Rica

Amérique du Nord

Hi, I'm Lobke! I'm a Dutch woman mostly based in Spain, travelling around the world whenever I can! With Joaquin, we drove...

Canada, États-Unis, Mexique, Cuba, Belize, Guatemala, El Salvador, Nicaragua, Costa Rica

Amérique du Nord

We are about to embark on a series of day trips on our 2019 27 foot Ranger Tug, Long Recess! We hope that in total that the...

États-Unis, Canada

Amérique du Nord

Finally drove back from Seattle as my driving license was renewed (after getting my legal status back.)


Amérique du Nord

A sailing trip from Annapolis, MD to the north on our Saga 43 sailboat.

États-Unis, Canada

Amérique du Nord

This was the goal of our daughter Alexia for several years: Hiking the Pacific Crest Trail . She hiked every single mile of...

États-Unis, Canada

Amérique du Nord

Follow us as we set out on our "trip of a lifetime"!

États-Unis, Canada

Amérique du Nord

Driving from Maryland to the west coast for the first leg of our adventure! After that, taking the adventure abroad for a f...

États-Unis, Danemark, Italie, État de la Cité du Vatican, Espagne, Portugal, Canada

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