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This year is not so “planned”. Trying to be a bit more spontaneous, but have a few things in mind. Let’s see where life t...

United States, Panama, Costa Rica

North America

For us, retirement meant selling our house and all the stuff, moving into an Airstream travel trailer, and wending our way...

United States

North America

The fourth and final continent crossing is South America. Starting South of Chile in Acund, I will work my way North toward...

United States, Chile, Argentina, Uruguay, France

North America South America Europe

The third continent crossing is North America. Starting from Seattle, I will follow a route oscillating between the US and...

New Zealand, United States, Canada, Chile

Oceania North America South America

The next stage will be a run across New Zealand from South to North. Similarly to the Malay Peninsula portion, this part of...

Australia, New Zealand, United States

Oceania North America

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