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Un voyage au tour du monde ? Suivez le chemin parcourue à travers le monde en vidéo sur ma chaine youtube :D https://www.yo...

France, Belgium, United Kingdom, Ireland, Monaco, Italy, Albania, Greece, Bulgaria, Bosnia and Herzegovina (+ 23)

Europe Asia

I haven't worked as a travel agent; I was the traveler. I can book trips, be concierge, and give first-hand knowledge of pl...

United States, United Kingdom, Ireland, Ukraine, Latvia, Turkey, South Korea, China, Iceland, Germany (+ 42)

North America Europe Asia South America

At 300 days, Five continents, 34 countries and 100 cities, it is the first couple journey by live recording on youtube.

Iran, Turkey, Bulgaria, Hungary, Ukraine, Russia, Estonia, Finland, Sweden, Norway (+ 23)

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