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Une nouvelle route et des retrouvailles se présentent à nous ! Nous laissons la Bolivie en stand bye depuis La Paz et at...

Peru, Ecuador, Colombia, Jamaica, Cuba, Haiti, Dominican Republic, United States, British Virgin Islands, Saint Kitts and Nevis, ... (+ 3)

South America North America Europe

Around the world in two months, Peoria, London, Lisbon, Marrakech, Cairo, Mumbai, Jaipur, Bangkok, Hanoi, Singapore, Kauai,...

United States, United Kingdom, Portugal, Morocco, Egypt, India, Thailand, Myanmar (Burma), Vietnam, Singapore, ... (+ 1)

North America Europe Africa Asia

Taking the Rocky Mountaineer from Vancouver to meet John & Joyce in Jasper. We part ways again in Banff and take the train...

United States, Canada

North America

Du 25 Décembre 2017 au 20 Janvier 2018 GUADELOUPE, LES SAINTES, MARIE GALANTE, LA DOMINIQUE, LA MARTINIQUE Au travers d...

Guadeloupe, Dominica, Martinique, France

North America Europe

This journey takes us first to Japan with a few days touring around the northernmost island of Hokkaido and then on to the...

United States, Japan, Russia

North America Asia Europe

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