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Top 3 goals of the Dare To Be Kind World Tour: 1. Help 1 person a day. Even if that is all this tour accomplishes, I'll...

United States

North America

Après un road trip en Océanie et en Asie, suivez nous pour un nouveau voyage

United States, Peru, Bolivia, Chile, Uruguay, Argentina

North America South America

Quoi?!!! Mile 0?!!! 4 mois depuis le départ et ils osent me dire que ce n'est que le début!! Ils profitent des fonds turquo...

Bahamas, United States

North America

2021: The worldwide pandemic, of course, put a damper on our 2020 plans; though we are extremely fortunate in that the viru...

United States, Bahamas

North America

Starting in NC for the Holidays I'll be heading South for the Winter!!

United States

North America

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