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I wanted to pedal north, from Montenegro to Czech Republic, via a mountain route on my recumbent tricycle

Montenegro, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Croatia, Slovenia, Hungary, Serbia, Bulgaria


Pour les 70 ans de Pily, nous faisons une croisière dans les Cyclades

France, Italy, Greece, Croatia


I've been exploring ancient Sacred Sites on our dear Planet Earth for years and arrived in SE Asia in April 2014 to continu...

South Africa, Cambodia, Philippines, Singapore, Myanmar (Burma), Thailand, Malaysia, Indonesia, United States, Bosnia and Herzegovina, ... (+ 1)

Africa Asia North America Europe

Voilà, cet été, j'ai beaucoup de temps pour profiter de prendre la route, malheureusement, ce n'est pas le cas de ma Tamouc...

Switzerland, Serbia, Croatia, Slovenia, Austria, Germany


After a couple of years in Asia I figured it would be nice to explore a little closer to home. Maybe 6 or 8 months, maybe 1...

Norway, Sweden, Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, Poland, Slovakia, Czech Republic, Germany, Austria, ... (+ 3)


5 000 km à vélo et 10 000 km à pied à la découverte des modes de vie écolo et la permaculture ! A travers l'Europe et l'Asi...

France, Portugal, Spain, United Kingdom, Vietnam, Cambodia, Laos, Italy, Albania, Montenegro, ... (+ 8)

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