TravelMap has a new domain name: travelmap.net

All the blogs username.travelmap.fr are now automatically redirected to username.travelmap.net

And the website travelmap.fr now redirects to travelmap.net/fr

You don't have to worry about the .fr link you sent to all your family and friends, they will automatically be redirected to the new address.

If you shared the link on your website, it's better if you update it - but if you don't, it'll still work properly.

HTTPS links

You'll now see a little lock and 'https' next to the address of your blog.

This means that the data sent to and from TravelMap is encrypted. If anyone tries to hack it (spying your local WiFi network for example), at least they won't be able to get your private data in plain text.

So the point is: it's safer this way.

Also lately, Google Chrome has been blocking geolocation for websites not using HTTPS - forcing developers to move quickly to a more secure system.

International domain

The TravelMap community is growing rapidly and there are now a lot of users coming from other countries other than France (Germany, Netherlands, UK, Australia, US, ...). So it does not make sense for them to have a .fr blog.

As a French person, I actually prefer having a .fr blog but we can't split the website on 2 domains so it's better to have one that is international.


If you have any question, do not hesitate to contact me or add a comment below.

Bon voyage,